What to do if you think that you are being stalked

Stalking can leave the victim feeling constantly afraid, alone and helpless and can be committed by someone that the victim knows intimately, a co-worker, an acquaintance or a stranger. If you are being stalked, there is help.

Steps to take

  1. Where it is safe to, stop all communication with the abuser. Change your privacy settings on all social media and block the abuser on your email and phone so that they cannot contact you. Do remember to keep evidence in the event that you need to get a protection order. Be careful who you give your personal details to, especially your address.

  2. Ask your family, friends and neighbours not to share your details, photos of you or your plans with anyone.

  3. Tell people about what is happening. Give them as much information about the situation and your abuser as you can. In this way they can be vigilant with you.

  4. Keep your cellphone with you and memorize emergency numbers. Some of the numbers that you can use can be found here.

  5. Have a safe place to go to if you are feeling unsafe and have an escape route from your home if necessary. Panic makes thinking difficult and so having a certain destination will help to get out of immediate danger quickly. This is often a place where there are other people.

  6. Where possible, try not to travel alone. Use alternative routes so that your routes to work or the shops for example are not predictable.

  7. Get a protection order from Magistrates Court. Find out how to do that here.