The data on this page has been sourced from Stats SA

 It tells the story of  Crimes against women in South Africa and an analysis of the phenomenon of GBV and femicide.

Approximately 51,1% (30,5 million) of the population of South Africa is female.

Economic Vulnerability SA Women have higher unemployment rates and higher levels of poverty

Almost 50% of the assaults were committed by someone close, such as a friend or aquaintance (22%), a spouse or intimate partner (15%), a relative or other household member (13%). About 29% of assaults were committed by unknown persons.

One in five (21%) partnered women has experienced physical violence by a partner (Ever Experienced)

Experience of violence by any partner, women 18+ years

Women who are divorced or separated were more likely than other women to have experienced physical violence or sexual violence (Ever Experienced)

Experience of Violence by Marital Status, women 18+ years

The prevalence of physical violence was greater among less- educated women than those with secondary education or higher.

Experience of physical violence by any partner, women 18+ years by educational attainment

The prevalence of physical and sexual violence decreased with the wealth quintile.

Domestic Violence by Wealth Quintiles, women 18+ years

Ever- experience of partner violence is highest in the EC for physical violence while NW had highest rates of sexual violence ever experienced

Experience of physical violence by any partner, women 18+ years by province

A larger proportion of females felt unsafe walking alone at night in their neighbourhoods compared to males.

Feeling of safety when walking alone in areas of residence when it is dark, by gender.